About Happy Guy Concerete

At Happy Guy concrete, we love concrete. It is what drives our passion for creating beautiful concrete floors for all areas of your home or business.

We love concrete because of all the amazing benefits it has as a material.

Construction with you in mind

Concrete is extremely environmentally friendly. It is made from recycled materials, so it doesn’t require cutting down trees like hardwood or the factory conditions of carpeting. It also doesn’t release harmful adhesives into the environment, and it reflects both light and heat rather than absorbing them, limiting your energy usage. Many LEED-certified buildings use concrete floors because they are so good for the environment. We also love how durable concrete is. Whether you have a household with active young children or a business with thousands of people tramping through each day, you can be confident that concrete will stand up to the test. It is a popular choice for amusement parks and factories because it can stand up to so much use without worrying about chipping.

Concrete is also easy to maintain. It is water-resistant, so it can just be swept or mopped up to clean up any spills or dirt tracked in. You don’t need to worry about dust or allergens getting caught in the cracks, and you definitely don’t need to worry about hauling your vacuum cleaner to various outlets around your house. Often, resealing concrete once a decade is all you have to do to ensure that it stays as beautiful as it was the day it was installed.


Beauty that stands the test of time

Perhaps our favorite thing about concrete is how beautiful it can be. Pouring concrete is only the first step to creating an amazing floor. With professional finishes, we can make a concrete floor appear to be hardwood, brick, slate, or cobblestone without the price tag or maintenance of those materials. Concrete can even be shiny or rustic, dyed a wide range of colors, or stamped with a detailed pattern. Indoor concrete floors can range from a rustic look to ultra modern. Outdoors, they can fit in with their natural surroundings with a stamped stone look or even be made to mimic brick. We know that the last thing you want to worry about is your floor. We can help you refinish your patio with a surface that you can entertain on without worrying that someone might spill a drink, or get a splinter. In your place of business, you have all sorts of complicated things to concern yourself with – your floor should be durable, beautiful, and out of mind.

After the concrete is poured, our professional finishers make it truly beautiful by applying stains, polish, and patterns to create exactly the look that you want for a low cost. At Happy Guy Concrete, we know how to make concrete beautiful, so your patio, floor (or whatever you have in mind) will be the envy of the neighborhood. We worry about your floors so that you don’t have to. Take a look at the wide variety of finishes we offer, then get in touch to learn exactly how concrete can improve your home or business.