San Antonio Concrete Patterns Designer

Patterned concrete is a unique way to give your floor or outdoor space the look of a more expensive material while retaining the durability, simple maintenance, and low cost of concrete. Patterned concrete can be made to look like brick, slate, flagstone, or other popular finishes without requiring the upkeep of those materials. Concrete is a popular material for patios and driveways, yet too many people think that they are limited to a boring, gray finish. By using patterned concrete, you can get the best of both worlds.

We offer a wide range of stamped concrete finishes, including:

  • English Yorkstone. This natural-looking, fractured stone finish includes interlocking pieces with broken edges and rounded corners. It looks as if it has been there for a hundred years, and yet can be installed in just a weekend, giving your home the appearance of a last-century manor.
  • Fractured Earth. This pattern looks like dried clay that has cracked and worn through the years. It is very popular in the southwest, where it fits in perfectly with pueblo-style homes.
  • Cobblestone. If you love the look of Europe’s cobblestones streets but don’t want to wait a few centuries for the worn look, cobblestone patterned concrete can be the perfect compromise. These interlocking stones with irregular edges and rounded corners make a beautiful pathway leading to a brick home.
  • Fractured Slate. With straight edges and square corners, this is a little more modern finish while still retaining a natural feel. Slate is a highly popular material, and mimicking its appearance with concrete is a great way to be both fashionable and within your budget.
  • River Stone. A great outdoor look, especially if your yard also includes a pond, is river stone. This rough, worn look appears natural- as if your floor has been worn down over the years by gently flowing water.
  • Pine Plank. Amazingly, concrete can even be finished to look like a hardwood floor. This is a popular option for concrete floors in living rooms and indoor/outdoor spaces. With a surface texture reminiscent of sandblasted pine boards, the edges of each ‘board’ are beveled, and the corners are square. With a pine-colored finish, you’ll be amazed how realistic this design looks while saving you the maintenance costs of real wood.
  • Sandstone. These randomly interlocking stones are rough and natural, without any of the gloss that might give them away as concrete. With rounded, worn edges and a wide variety of sizes, these stones are a great look on any patio.
  • European Limestone Flag. A detailed tiled look appearing to be made of stone, this finish has a Parisian flair. It would be comfortable on the patio of a corner bistro, anchoring coffee cups, and sun umbrellas.

If you have another idea for your concrete floor finish, give us a call. Our professionals are experienced in creating a wide range of textures and finishes, giving you a natural-looking patio that fits perfectly with your home or business’ décor. Happy Guy Concrete can help you create the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of, without breaking the bank.