Concrete Logos

Are you looking for a concrete way to make your business stand out? Are you looking for a physical location that is not just where your business resides, but is also a true home? Are you looking to embed your business' soul into the place where your customers walk every day?

Reliability written in plain sight

A concrete logo can make your business seem more permanent and dependable. When new, potential or long-term clients walk into your store, they'll be able to see that you are a business they can count on. A concrete logo makes it obvious that you are not going to be gone in a few months if your customer needs to make a return or ask a question about your product. It gives your business a sense of stability and permanence. It makes it easy for consumers to trust you because they know that you are not going anywhere.

Making a commitment does not mean it has to be boring either. Adding a logo to your floor can add anything from a touch of whimsy to a sense of seriousness. We’ll install a variety of concrete logos into your floor design – no matter how complex your logo may be. We can create logos ranging from a small, door mat-sized installation to a large logo that covers most of your floor.

Personalized solutions for your business

Most business owners want ways to make their store, shop, or offices unique. You may try painting the walls, adding art to the walls, buying unusual furniture, or even remodeling the building. These are all not necessary if you start with the floor instead. A concrete logoed floor can be an unexpected way to add a touch of personality to your offices. It can give your flooring an appearance ranging from industrial to luxurious, depending on the effect you would like to have. It is also a more cost-effective way to make your business memorable for everyone who walks through your doors.

Our professionals can create a stamped, multi-colored logo of any size. We can make your logo appear to be made of any material, even combining it with other concrete finishing techniques for an extraordinarily attractive look. Your brightly colored concrete logo or subtle accent can make your business both better-looking and more appealing to potential customers.

Simplified upkeep

A concrete logo is a surprisingly simple solution. You will not have to worry about the state of your flooring again because concrete is amazingly durable. Your logo is permanently encased in an area where everyone can see it, and no one can damage it. It is easy to clean and easy to maintain so you can focus on keeping your business strong rather than maintaining your floor

If you are looking for a way to install new flooring in your office that will be beautiful, affordable, and easy to maintain, give us a call today. Our professionals can help you decide on the best placement and sizing for your concrete logo and give you a quote quickly and easily. A concrete logo on your floor is one of the simplest ways to give your office that extra touch that keeps customers coming back.