San Antonio Polished Concrete Artist

Many people think of concrete as an ugly material. After all, when it is first poured, concrete has a dull, abrasive surface appearance. Yet, the simple act of polishing it can elevate it to a luxurious sheen, making it appropriate for even the most high-end of stores and residences.

About Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is ground to a smooth surface, and treated with a densifier for shine. Dyes, stamping, and other finishes can be applied to a polished concrete floor, but often a simple polish is all it takes to turn a concrete floor into a thing of beauty.

There are many benefits to a polished concrete floor. Since most buildings are constructed on concrete, polishing this surface means that you do not need to pay for an additional floor covering, or use up additional resources. Polished concrete floors are very common in LEED-certified buildings because they are so environmentally friendly.

Additionally, polished concrete is extremely low maintenance. There are no cracks for dust to get stuck in, so it is easy to clean. Concrete is durable, and can last for years without any concern. Since it does not support mold growth, you can use it outdoors without concern. You only need a mop every once in a while to clean it. A well-maintained concrete floor can last for over a hundred years, making it a great choice for a school, business, or factory.

When to Polish Your Concrete

Concrete can be polished when it is first poured (after the curing process is complete), or on existing floors. If you already have a boring patio of dull concrete, polishing it can be an easy way to dramatically improve its appearance. Almost any concrete floor can be polished, it only needs to be clean, flat, and not in need of patching.

Concrete is usually ground using a heavy-duty polishing machine, often using diamonds of increasing grit to create a smooth surface before adding a sealer or coating for that finished look.

The Look of Polished Concrete

Polished concrete floors reflect light, making them popular in many stores seeking a bright look without the high energy bill that often comes along with that. In rooms that get a lot of natural light, the installation of a polished concrete floor can mean almost no need for artificial light during daylight hours.

Even in a private residence, a concrete floor can provide that high-end modern loft look. It creates a beautiful shine and is very popular for busy families who do not want to worry about the state of their floor. Concrete can take a lot of abuse – whether it comes from hundreds of customers or a few busy school-age children. It is easy to clean and lasts for years, so after installing your polished concrete floor you’ll never have to worry about it again.

Reach out to Happy Guy Concrete today to learn more about the many benefits of polished concrete. We’ll help you choose the perfect finish for your space, and you’ll be amazed at how beautiful your floor can look for so little cost.